Post Mortem Meeting

So after a game is released and the creation process complete, we hold a meeting to discuss what went well and what we can do better next time. Tonight we held our post mortem meeting for Birds of a Feather and we thought it might be a good idea to share with you how it went.


The goals at the outset of Birds of a Feather were relatively clear, though we admit that we could have done more to plan for how to market the game and reach potential players. We also found that with this project we didn’t set firm milestones in the planning stage and that caused the pace of the game’s creation to be more relaxed, but also less structured.


We discovered that we were maybe a little understaffed when it came to art, mainly because Birds of a Feather was not the only project we were working on at the time. Next time, we would benefit from making sure that we only tackle one thing at a time, which could be made possible with careful scheduling.


The schedule was not set in stone and could have used firmer milestones and a firm goal for the release date. The pace we set followed the speed that the art could be produced. In the place of milestones we used a detailed checklist that we worked on completing, but we all agree that dated milestones would have streamlined the process and likely would have meant the game would have been completed more efficiently.


We started out with a sufficient number of testers, but we found that the number of enthusiastic and involved testers was smaller than we were looking for. At the beginning of the testing period we sent out questionnaires to fill out while playing the game and we were disappointed that not many of them came back to us. For our next project, we’ll have to look at ways of keeping play testers motivated and keep the lines of communication open between the play testers and the development team.


The roles of every team member were very clear and there were no issues with communication or morale. Everyone fulfilled their role and worked well within the structure of the project and the company.

What went well:

Smooth coding process, with few bugs or issues.

Beautiful art and animation, smoothly implemented.

Catchy music that fits the art and the mechanics of the game.

Flawless teamwork

What needed work:

Play tester involvement

Scheduling with other projects

Firmer Milestones


All in all, Birds of a Feather went well and we feel that we’ve learned a few valuable lessons for planning and developing our next project, in the meantime, enjoy the game and rate it five stars if you like it!

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