Expanding the Crimson Winter Facebook Game

Things have been really busy around the office lately.

We’re officially in crunch time this week as we prepare to release the expansion of our Facebook game and there’s no shortage of things to do for any of us. These past few days I’ve been writing the missions for the five new areas that we’re adding to the game and deciding on mission requirements.

While I handle the text, our artist, Erica, has been working to keep up drawing some 80+ icons to add to the game as well as making some important layout changes to accommodate the new content. And, Michael, the technical director has been working out how the new features will work and adding them into his existing program while keeping the current game running smoothly.

We’ll all be glad once the expansion is launched and things calm down a little, but the rush before a deadline can be rewarding as well and it certainly helping that right now we’re in the middle of one of Crimson Winter’s events. All the players seem to be enjoying themselves and taking advantage of the limited time content during what we’re calling the ‘Seven Days in Jade Event’ which marks the week before the expansion release.

So if you aren’t currently playing Crimson Winter for Facebook, now would be a good time to try it out or get back into it because a lot of exciting things are happening and new powers and features are being added. The game can be found at: http://apps.facebook.com/crimsonwinter  and feel free to invite your friends so they too can check out the event and the new content to the game!

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