Double the Content coming soon!

Unfortunately, it will be another week until we’re ready to launch the expansion for the Crimson Winter Facebook game, but that’s only because of just how much new content we will be adding to the game.

Currently the game has 5 mission areas, a training room, duelling area, daily faction wars with 15 different possible powers to be won daily and a market area with purchasable bonuses. In a week we’ll be effectively doubling the game’s content and adding new features like allies, permanent collectible items, and boss fights for each mission area.

First there will be a whole new mission section called “Jade” with more story to follow and new requirements to fulfill. The Jade missions will include 5 new mission area, a new training room with better and stronger powers, and a new duelling arena for higher level players to challenge each other.

There will be new powers everywhere, available from the training room, mission drops, gifts and even from Faction Wars where there will be an additional common and rare power for each gem god.

Of course this will mean new achievements to obtain, and more room for players to increase levels and compete with one another for spots on the leader board.

Seven Days in Jade

All this is coming up very soon, so keep your eyes open for the Jade Expansion and don’t forget to invite your friends!

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