Auxillium Magi is Coming Soon!

First Age Studios has another game in the works! I’m proud to announce that our next title Auxillium Magi will be released on the Xbox Indie community in November.

Auxillium Magi is latin and loosely translates to ‘helper mages.’ In this game you play two mages, a Fire Mage and an Ice Mage who pair up to use their magic to defend certain assigned targets to complete their mission. Fireballs and ice attacks along with other nefarious spells come in from all sides of the screen and it’s up to you to use the right and left joysticks to protect what’s in the center.

The game is playable by one or two players. One player mode, also called story mode, moves through levels that increase in difficulty as you defend various targets, whereas two player mode is competitive with the added ability to reflect attacks onto the other player.

Concept and programming are by Michael C.A. Patoine, art by Erica Villeneuve, music by Stephanie Tellier and story by John Redman. Special thanks to Kieron Wells, Adam Giles, Sabrina Wiese and Robert Dowsett for quality assurance among other things.

So, if you have an Xbox or access to one, make sure to keep an eye out for Auxillium Magi and try it out. There will be an eight minute free trial and the game will only cost 3$ to download the full version.

Thanks and enjoy!

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