New Blog Design!

Not only do we now have a channel but we’ve updated our blog design here on and we’re also in the process of re-vamping our website!

After our first year in business we thought it was time to re-examine our why we’re here, where we want to go next and how we want to get there. The answer to that is that we want to focus on games. We’ve got a few games out there already, Crimson Winter on Facebook and Birds of a Feather on Kongregate being great examples, but we want to make more games, and better games by building on what we’ve learned so far. We especially want to make games for others; people who have websites or companies who want to use games to advertise and showcase their products or ideas. It’s a pretty unique form of advertising, but what’s more memorable than a game that you want to keep playing so you can get a high score, or unlock the next level or achievement?

Even though our primary focus is games, we also want people to remember that we still make advertisements, logos, videos, and website templates. Anything you or your company might need to make your website more colourful, engaging and interactive. If you want an example, just take a look at our new banner ads above, we think they get the message across, don’t you?

So, 2012, let the games begin!

Justine Alley Dowsett


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