Celebrating Auxilium Magi’s release on Xbox Indie!

It took a while for the approval process, but we are proud to announce that Auxilium Magi is now available for the Xbox! So head to the Xbox marketplace yourself or find a friend with an Xbox to take you there and test out the free demo or download the full game for only $3. We’d really appreciate it and you’d be helping to support us to make more great games!

Want to check out the game online first? Read about it on our website: www.firstagestudios.com where we’ve listed key features and posted some screenshots to help you get a look at the game and if that’s not enough, you can also check out the trailer on Youtube.com or visit the Xbox App Hub for more information.

We’re really excited to see our game join the Xbox community and we hope you are too! So please check it out and tell your friends. We know you’ll love the quirky and humorous story, the fast paced game play  and the challenging two-player mode.

let the games begin!

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