Next Title game in the works!

Being between projects is an awkward place, but we’re not going to let it get us down. Instead, we’ve decided to throw ourselves into our next game and make it better than ever! The only problem is deciding which platform to make it for.

Over the past week we’ve fleshed out our concept, worked on planning the tutorial and basic level design and started sketching some assets to get a feel for what the game might look like, but the real sticking point is going to be deciding where we release it.

Places we’ve considered include:

1. Windows phone and Xbox live.

~We figure we’ve got a little experience with how the Xbox community operates and what it takes to get a game released on there, but we’d need some costly updates to develop for windows phone and we’re not sure on how that market will receive us to make it worth our while.

2. iphone

~We now are the proud owners of a mac computer, so we thought we’d try making games for the iphone. Unfortunately the market on the apple app store is kind of saturated, so that might make it difficult to get noticed.

3. Online platforms such as Big Fish, Kongregate, or elsewhere

~There are pros and cons to each of these options as well. Big Fish requires that we provide an hour free demo, kongregate is a great place to reach a large community of gamers, but monetizing the game through ads is a slow process. Other places the hosting, monetizing, and marketing would largely be up to us and probably not yield great results.

So there’s lots to think about, but what we can say is that our next title is coming and one thing we can promise is that it’ll be Off the Hook!!

Justine Alley Dowsett and the First Age Studios Team.




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