‘Moo’ving into the Mobile Market!


Bovine Bash is the name of our newest title and it will be coming soon to the Android Marketplace. We really think you’re going to like it.

In June we began a collaboration with Chris Atkinson, a talented designer who had a concept he wanted to see reach mobile phones. Using his design and concept for the game, we brainstormed about what it might look like and how we could put it together for him. A month later, we had a working prototype of Bovine Bash! with the art style you see in the title screen shown above.

Believe it or not, the hardest part was coming up with a title for the game. We spent hours tossing names back and forth, making horrible cow-related puns and parodying every name we could think of by adding cow, cattle, moo, bovine, ect to it. Still nothing really stuck. The breakthrough came when we heard the music composed for us by Stephanie Tellier. We sent the art and the music along with a whittled down list of titles to Chris and he came back with ‘Bovine Bash!’

Considering the gameplay involves trying to avoid bashing cows with your red pickup truck, I think the title gets the point across pretty well.


In Bovine Bash, you control a red pick-up truck driving along a several lane wide dirt road by tilting your mobile device to the left and right. The faster you tilt, the faster your truck changes lanes and by doing this you can avoid the cows and fences in your way.

Which is easier than it sounds of course, as the speed progresses the longer you drive and the obstacles grow more frequent. Hit a fence and you lose a life, tracked in the top left corner, but hit a cow and it will splat up against your screen and impede your visibility making it harder to see what’s coming as you drive along.

You can clear the cows from your windshield by rubbing them off, and as the game goes on by playing minigames… all of this while still driving and trying to steer clear of the other cows and fences in your path.

If you’ve played Birds of a Feather or Pulse Point, you’ll know right away that this game fits in well with other games we’ve made in the past. The biggest difference of course is that this one, is for your phone or tablet.

….And it has cows that go splat!

Bovine Bash! Coming soon to Android Marketplace

Designed and Published by Chris Atkinson, Production – Justine Alley Dowsett, Programming – Michael C.A. Patoine, Art – Erica Villeneuve, Music – Stephanie Tellier, Special Thanks so far to: Kevin Dowsett (QA)

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