Meet our Artist: Erica Villeneuve!


Erica Villeneuve is one of the three founding members of First Age Studios. As Art Director she is responsible for the individual art assets as well as the layout and design of all of our games, websites, logos and advertisements.

Erica has a graduate certificate for Game art and Design from Seneca College and has completed her Honours BA in Visual Art at Brock University. She enjoys 2D and 3D art and is a pro when it comes to Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, zBrsuh, ViconBlade, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash.

An accomplished graphic designer, Erica comes to us following her experience working with Michael C.A. Patoine at Cerebral Vortex Games as Lead Artist and then with a website company called “What’s on Thorold.” She currently lives in St. Catharines, Ontario with her fiancee, where she not only makes video games, but also plays them often.

Erica’s hobbies include: Video Games, Martial Arts, Blacksmithing and Armour Making, as well as drawing, painting and watching movies.

She’d be happy to design a logo for you or your business, custom design a graphic or advertisement, make a website or all the art for your video game concept. Contact her at today or learn more at




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