Meet our new Manager of Media and Publications: Murandy Damodred!


We’re proud to introduce to you one of the newest members of our team!

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when Murandy began to work for us. She’s tested games, provided feedback and started out really putting in the hours when she started making our video game trailers for

From a background of screenwriting and video editing, Murandy has a BA in Drama and Communications from the University of Windsor. She also has long years of experience in the sales and customer service industry dealing mainly in cellphones. So when we started making mobile games, her feedback became invaluable and when we decided to expand into publishing novels and creating promotional videos for our projects and clients, Murandy was the logical choice.

Now, heading our Publications division along with myself, Murandy is proud to announce that our first fiction novel is one that she’s co-authored. Mirror’s Hope, book one of the proposed ‘Mirror Worlds’ series is a dark fantasy romance novel for adults filled with intrigue, seduction and betrayal of all kinds.

We hope it will be ready for release this November, with a local launch here in Windsor, Ontario before it is available online in e-book and paperback forms! Follow us here, on facebook or twitter for more updates!






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