A Shout Out to Biz X Magazine!

Yesterday I had the chance to attend the monthly networking event hosted by BizX Magazine, the Biz Mixer. If you’re a business professional or entrepreneur in the Windsor area, you’ve probably heard of it, or at least know the magazine and if you haven’t, you should definitely be checking it out.


Last night’s mixer was held downtown at the Kilt and Fiddle, an Irish Pub. Each month the event is hosted at a different local venue, but what made this one so remarkable was that it is the same location the very first Biz Mixer was ever held at, which is also the very first Mixer that Michael C.A. Patoine and I ever attended. We haven’t been to every one of them since, but near enough and we’ve met so many great people and contacts in our area doing so. Being back at the Kilt and Fiddle rally gave me the sense of everything coming full circle and took me right back to the time where we were a small start-up looking to find a way to break into our industry and to the market in Windsor. The pros at Biz X and the local business owners really welcomed us and made networking seem easy.

So here’s a shout-out to Biz X Magazine. Thank you Deborah Jones and everyone else at the magazine for putting this great event together every month. It’s been a real help to us here getting on our feet and meeting people who’ve either become friends, business contacts, or even clients of ours. The prizes we’ve won at these events haven’t gone unappreciated either!

One last thing, Biz X Magazine is hosting their annual Biz X Awards and we’ve received a nomination in their website category. I know our website is currently under construction, but if you like our work and want to support us you can head down to http://www.bizxmagazine.com/nominations.php and vote for us, or check out some of the many categories to nominate some of your other favorite businesses in the Windsor area.

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