Meet the Business and Marketing Director: (Me!) Justine Alley Dowsett

When I started writing these introductions, I never really considered the fact that I would have to write my own, but that too inevitably falls under the wide variety of tasks and responsibilities that make up my contribution to the running of First Age Studios. My official title is ‘Business and Marketing Director’ but I basically do everything that isn’t programming, art, music or creating media, except sometimes I do a little of that too… As much as I can or can learn to do anyways, or as needed by the rest of the team.

Officially, I handle all business related details. Budgeting, planning, organizing, communicating with staff, clients, contractors and the public. I also handle marketing, run our weekly meetings and keep the schedule up to date and everyone on task. In reality I fill in wherever necessary, which when it comes to video games is usually in design, Q and A, and anything everyone else is too busy to do.

Let’s see… what else can I tell you about myself? Before First Age Studios, I attended the University of Windsor for Drama, worked long hours in the customer service and hospitality industry, and wrote science fiction and fantasy novels on the side. Publishing and marketing my own books is what really taught me how to be an entrepreneur, how to manage my time effectively and how to market my own products. Now I do all of that for First Age Studios and I’m happy to say that I have another book coming soon. This time I’m branching out into Fantasy Romance with Mirror’s Hope and I hope for big things for me and the studio with its release.

Learn more about me by following FAS on Facebook, twitter, or here on as I’m also the one who keeps you up to date with our projects!

Thanks for supporting us!

Justine Alley Dowsett



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