Making Progress with Mirror’s Hope!

MHpostcardfront copySunday night I got the cover art image sent to me by Sara Biddle and so I got to spend (Canadian) Thanksgiving Monday entirely wrapped up in the use of Photoshop to make not only the book cover, but also all our marketing materials. I’m extremely excited to be able to share with you all the wonderful work that Sara Biddle has done for us; Murandy and I are very pleased with the results.  If you want to check out the rest of Sara’s artwork please visit her site, here.

The character depicted is Lyana, the alter ego of our main character, Mirena Calanais. She’s beautiful, confident, and seductive… all the things that Mirena doesn’t believe herself capable of being. Lyana exists to do what Mirena would be too scared to do on her own; seduce the most powerful man in the world in order to overthrow the system of government he represents.

Learn more about Lyana  and Mirena by reading Mirror’s Hope!

More news on the official release date soon, but in the meantime we hope to have advance copies ready in time for Colasanti’s Fall Art and Craft Show, November 2nd from 10am to 5pm in Kingsville, Ontario and the Windsor Essex Book Expo on November 24th at the Caboto Club in Windsor, Ontario. More information on the book and these upcoming events can be found on our Facebook page.  Come out and visit us and support local authors!

MHpostcardback copy



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