Windsor Essex Book Expo this Sunday!

The official release date has yet to be determined (though, don’t worry, I will be informing you as soon as I have that information available) but Murandy Damodred and I will have advanced copies of our new novel with us at the Windsor Essex Book Expo this weekend only Sunday from 10am to 5pm at the Caboto Club in Windsor, Ontario. We’d really like if you could come out and see us and you can pick up a copy of Mirror’s Hope and get it signed by both of us while your there!

Mirror’s Hope is our first novel to be published by First Age Studios and it’s also the studio’s first published novel, so it’s really an exciting occasion and we’re happy to be able to celebrate it by attending the Windsor Essex Book Expo as we had a blast there last year and this year’s event will only be bigger and better.

Last year, the expo was held in Essex and had a remarkable turn out despite it’s rather out of the way location. This year we’ll be centrally located in Windsor at the Caboto Club which is not only easy to find, but also a bigger venue. There will be 60+ other local authors there with all sorts of books of varying genres and ages. For any book lover, or local small business supporter, this event is something you must try and attend!

For more information about the expo visit:

And for more info about Mirror’s Hope, see other posts on this blog, or come check out or facebook page:

Or the website, but it’s currently under renovations:

Hope to see you there!



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